freedom is peace.

***TW: May include posts about self-harm, suicide, and/or eating disorders. Follow at your own risk.***This is a personal blog. I'm combatting borderline personality disorder, mood disorder, bulimia, anorexia, and self-harm. I may post content that some people may find triggering. I will put it in the title of the post as a trigger warning, that is, if i think it may be triggering to others.I love cats and nature. im very spiritual and im for marijuana. I reblog anything to do with the topics i just said above, and porn. Can't forget porn. ;)

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I pet my cat and now he is stuck like this.

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Forever not knowing if my thoughts are ‘me’ or my ‘illness’!

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Reflection Experiment | (by Hameed)


Reflection Experiment | (by Hameed)

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sugar daddy more like


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